Why You Should Adopt The Facebook Ninja Hunt

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Andy Wolfe


Tech companies take hiring very seriously, but the hiring process can usually be a long and tedious one. Facebook uses something they call the "Ninja Hunt" — a quick practice that allows recruiters to build a database of top talent.

The Facebook Ninja Hunt uses informal meetings to gather a group of employees together to have them go through their contacts and point out great connections — or, in Facebook terms, hunt for the next set of Facebook Tech Ninjas. Since employees and recruiters are in a face-to-face meeting during these sessions, recommendations can be talked about freely and openly.

This type of proactive identification of great people by employees is known by a variety of names across the industry (Ninja Hunts, searchlight parties, sourcing jams, sourceathons, jogging sessions, and even rolodex parties), but the goal is generally the same: to come up with a strong list of highly-qualified individuals who are vetted by current employees that can be recruited.

This procedure has flipped the traditional employee referral process on its head, having employees identify great people first, instead of trying to match jobs to individuals. Through this, more qualified leads are identified, employees are happier to help out, and high-quality hires from the start means less churn in the long run.

But look...

If you break down the time it takes to sit down with each employee to go through their contact list, compile a list, find contact information, and gather work history — that’s about a two hour time commitment to the organization per employee.



Think about automating the Ninja Hunt. You can pull in each employee's contact list, have great people identified in a click, and gather them all together to be easily searched. Search across profiles so you can see how many people identified a certain person, and even allow employees to see what stage of contact you’re at with a given candidate.

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Andy Wolfe

Written by Andy Wolfe

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