How To Efficiently Manage And Qualify Employee Referrals

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Andy Wolfe


How long do you spend managing and qualifying employee referrals? The process can definitely be time-consuming and can feel rather daunting, especially when you have a huge volume of great names coming your way while trying to juggle everything else on your plate.

Managing and qualifying employee connections doesn’t have to be a painful process. Read the following tips to see how you can free up more time for yourself and bring in more high-quality leads.

Collect Information Efficiently

Collecting information can take forever! How many ways do employees bring you names? Someone mentions a name, sends a chat message, forwards you a resume, submits an application mentioning an employee  it goes on and on. Actually organizing and classifying that information into your ATS, or even worse — a spreadsheet, can be a tedious chore. Even if you have a system in place, it’s likely that only a small percentage of your employees are using it regularly, leaving you to miss out on top connections from the majority of your organization. You can decrease that time you’ve spent tenfold by using a smarter sourcing system that is more convenient for employees to use. Our favorite method is to interview new employees during onboarding to identify and log their top connections. Not only is it a great way to identify top connections, but it also does wonders for employee engagement.

Optimize Employee Reporting

One of the most time-consuming tasks during this whole thing is continually updating employees at every stage of the process. When you decide to reach out to a contact, schedule an interview, make a job offer, and with every step in between — you’re doubling the conversation by communicating to both the employee and the recommended person. You can cut that time in half by using an automated workflow that does the exchanges for you and lets employees know at what stage their contact is as the hiring process moves along.

Implement A Scoring System

What about those candidates who've been recommended multiple times? Typically, recruiters will say, “well, we’ve already heard about him/her,” but this information should be used as an advantage. Implement a scoring system to quantify this information so you can see not only who recommended a person, but how many people recommended them. Better yet, you can see how many other people knew, and didn't recommend them. Using an intelligent scoring system can push recommended individuals to the top and filter out the noise.

Managing and qualifying referrals doesn't have to be hard. When automated and optimized in a smarter way, you'll have a fast and effective process to hire top talent.



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Andy Wolfe

Written by Andy Wolfe

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