How To Efficiently Hire From Employee Networks

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Andy Wolfe


How much time do you spend combing through your employees’ networks?

If your answer is “not much,” read why the best hires come from employee connectionsIf your answer is “a lot,” here are some tips on how to mine employee networks more efficiently to improve quality of hire, time-to-hire, and cost-per-hire.


Keep in mind that someone within your organization needs to fully own the process of mining employee connections in order for it to be done right. You need to:

  • Generate lots of leads through tapping into your employees' networks
  • Conduct direct recruiting outreach
  • Repeat the process a number of times

Time-Saving Steps

After you have an owner, that person will need to focus on finding the right people. Facebook has a process they call the "Ninja Hunt," focused on proactively getting recommendations from new and existing staff members. Sitting down for 30 minutes with each employee and writing down leads is a great way to find the right people.

After you get your list of contacts, look them up, and categorize them by role.

Finally, get your employees to introduce you to their contacts, or reach out to them yourself. If your organization is set up for success, your staff will be excited to introduce their most talented friends and colleagues.

Altruistic Motivators

Spending thousands of dollars more on referral bonuses is not the ideal route. Take it from Google — they doubled their referral bonus with no strong results; taking a more altruistic approach to getting top employee contacts ended up being the most successful. They found that people are more willing to give out their top connections because they enjoy working at the company, and altruism is a more powerful motivator than a large monetary incentive.

Just make it easy for employees to identify whom they enjoy working with, and let the hiring team take care of the rest. This consistent flow of great people will save you a lot of time and energy. 



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Andy Wolfe

Written by Andy Wolfe

I'm co-founder and CEO of ROIKOI, a smarter sourcing platform where you get your own database of candidates pre-filtered for talent and fit.