Improve Diversity Hiring With Smarter Sourcing

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Christian Rice


Diverse teams make better decisions and are better at complex problem solving than homogeneous teams.

Pinterest recently improved the diversity of its team through a smarter sourcing methodology, and it's really simple.

Prioritize Diversity Hiring

Take a note from Pinterest’s book and set public goals for yourself. For starters, you may want to make a public diversity statement to your employees, or publish a blog post on your company site to make your mission known and hold yourself accountable.

Make Diversity Hiring Easy And Natural

Engage the subset of employees most likely to have qualified and diverse connections, however your company defines diversity. Then, identify the top contacts of these employees. As we’ve mentioned in the past, you don’t necessarily need a referral bonus for this. Pizza parties work just as well!

The second piece to keep in mind here is to be personal and open with your employees. Rather than sending out a large, “Hey everybody!” email blast, you gotta get personalThe more personal it feels, the more likely they are to participate.

Check out what Intuit just did:


Hire Great (Diverse) Talent

At this point, you’ll have an influx of great employee contacts coming your way, and because most people generally recommend people "like" them, chances are many of their connections will expand the diversity of your existing team.



ROIKOI software automates this strategy,
providing great diverse candidates sourced from your own employees. 

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Christian Rice

Written by Christian Rice

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