Reverse Engineer Employee Referrals For Better Results

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Andy Wolfe


Employee referrals are one of the best sources of hire, but you can make them even better.

Most referral programs ask employees to look at job openings, go through their contacts, and make possible matches. Even with software, this process is time consuming for employees.

If your organization has 100 open jobs, here's how you can reverse engineer your employee referral process to be 100 times more efficient with smarter sourcing.

Make It Easy For The Employee

The old way: Employees don’t think the way recruiters do. They don’t look at a job opening and sort through their mental address book of contacts to see who would be a good fit for a job. Asking employees who they know to fill specific roles is, quite simply, asking too much of them. If your company has 100 job openings, you can't expect employees to (regularly) look at every single position, consider everyone they know who does that job function, see who’s actually looking for a job, determine if they would be a good fit at your company, and then decide on who they should contact. See how that's already a lot to get through? Even if your employees did go through this whole process, it still won't be the same as a trained recruiter who can discern who will be a good fit for the position and company culture.

The new way: Rather than asking employees who they know would be a good fit for open positions, simply ask employees who they know is great, regardless of what job they do or if they’re actively looking. Then you can search across a pool of great people who likely do the jobs your company needs and do the recruiting yourself.

You Don't Have To Resort To SPAM

The old way: You have a lot of open jobs, and you want more referrals. You decide to run a campaign that offers a trip to Hawai'i to anybody who refers 5 people that get hired. You email all your employees every week for a month, telling them to post to all their social networks for the month. But think about it — how many emails and requests a day are in your inbox and social media feeds? Do you have bandwidth for more?

The new way: Instead of waiting until you're under water with tons of vacant jobs, be smarter about gaining access to your employees' valuable networks. If you ask employees to point out who's great, you'll get 20+ names per employee. Do that up-front, and as new jobs open up, you can search across your database of talented people for the best matches.

Smarter Sourcing

By identifying great people your employees know and matching them to jobs later, you'll save time, effort, and money for your company. Your employees will jump at the chance to work with people they already know and like, and the candidates rolling in will be better qualified than what you’d find on a job board. This may sound like more work for recruiters, but this type of smarter sourcing strategy saves you tons in the long term.



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Andy Wolfe

Written by Andy Wolfe

I'm co-founder and CEO of ROIKOI, a smarter sourcing platform where you get your own database of candidates pre-filtered for talent and fit.