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Andy Wolfe


Time-to-fill and quality-of-hire are two of the most important metrics for typical recruiting teams. However, they seem to be at odds with each other. It's no surpise that sourcing top talent is time consuming and imperfect. In fact, U.S. companies spend $5B a year on recruiting software, yet 50% of hires are mistakes.

So, how can heads of talent save time and hire better? The answer: smarter sourcing.

What is smarter sourcing? Imagine if you could filter down all the candidates in the world to only the ones who are great at what they do and who'd be a good fit for your company. Sound unbelievable? That's exactly what Facebook does. Here's how...

Smarter Sourcing

Smarter sourcingor identifying a pool of great people through your employees' connections, is the best way to quickly identify a number of talented people. The way it usually works is by interviewing each of your employees for about half an hour to point out who in their contacts are qualified people that are great at what they do. This is an efficient way to qualify leads, with a side benefit of improving employee retention.

Building Your Own Talent Pool

Instead of repeatedly asking employees to match people to jobs in employee referral programs, ask employees once to identify great people, regardless of position. Then you can build a searchable, curated database of top talent already vetted by someone in your company. 

This process is hyper effective in hiring for talent and fit, because your great employees know more great people who do similar jobs.



This manual smarter sourcing process takes about a year of labor per thousand employees to connect with their top contacts. ROIKOI is built to identify, engage, and hire employees' top connections with under an hour of sourching and screening time per hire. 

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Andy Wolfe

Written by Andy Wolfe

I'm co-founder and CEO of ROIKOI, a smarter sourcing platform where you get your own database of candidates pre-filtered for talent and fit.